Gender alert

Justicia para Nuestras Hijas have released a press release about the recent deaths of Juarez teenager Karin Ibeth Ibarr Soria and Maria del Refugio Nevárez Villalobos on January 30 and Maribel Hernandez Vela on January 31, and the discovery of decapitated bodies of three young women on January 31.

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“Off the Beaten Path



A new international exhibition of contemporary art brings together artists from around the world to explore the many dimensions of gender-based violence.

In “Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women, and Art,” set to open June 20 at The Stenersen Museum in Oslo, Norway, 17 well-respected artists from 14 countries create new stories through their artwork addressing gender-based violence from a global perspective.

Participating artists include Marina Abramovic, Laylah Ali, Lise Bjorne Linnert, Maria Campos-Pons, Luciana Fina, Global Crescendo Project, Icelandic Love Corp, Yoko Inoue, Kim Myung Jin, Jung Jungyeob, Amal Kenawy, Almagul Menlibayeva, Wangechi Mutu, Miri Nishri, Yoko Ono, Lucy Orta, and Cecilia Paredes.

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Urgent: funds needed

Three of the cotton field murder cases are going in front of the Interamerican Court of Human Rights April 26, 28 and 29th. Funds are needed to help the mothers with money for food and other expenses. Email

Funds needed for Interamerican Court of Human Rights case

Three of the cotton field murder cases are going in front of the Interamerican Court of Human Rights April 26, 28 and 29th. The lawyers that are arguing this case have been able to raise air fare for two of the mothers, who will travel to Santiago, Chile to testify. However, both Irma Monreal and Josefina Gonzalez will need money for expenses. Read on for more information.

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Desconocida : Unknown, Lise Bjorne Linnert

This important exhibition shows the work of Norwegian artist Lise Bjorne Linnert, who has undertaken an embroidery project to highlight the plight of women in Juarez, a city on the border of USA and Mexico.  Here, 530 women are known to have been murdered, and hundreds have disappeared, suspected kidnapped to trafficking.

Exhibition runs from 10 February to 22 March 2009 at the gallery, UCA Epsom
Open Monday to Friday 10.00am – 4.00pm.


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Casa Amiga in economic crisis

Message from Amigos de las Mujeres de Juarez:

Casa Amiga always operates close to bankruptcy. They see large numbers of survivors of abuse and run the only secure shelter in the north of Mexico. As the militarisation of the border increases, we know, based on the work of women like Cynthia Cockburn, that violence against women will only increase. The U.S. is giving millions to Mexico for more militarisation, perhaps some of that money could go to deal with the effects of that militarisation. If you know any donors or foundations that can help, please contact Ester at Casa Amiga or Amigos.

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Atlanta to Juarez

Follow the blog covering the spiritual journey of American Thomas Easton who travelled from Atlanta to Ciudad Juarez to deliver flag containing over 400 hand-sewn crosses with prayers.  The flag was delivered on July 4, 2008.  If you have seen it displayed in Juarez please send a photo!